Monday, 23 August 2010


Salam alaik semua... Waduh! Pejam celik pejam celik dah 13 hari kite berpuasa ye? Tp sy ni tak le sampai 13 hari lagi, almaklumlah ade excuse yang dihalalkan..Nak menggantikan puasa tu sememangnya mencabar.. Hu3. Okey, lupekan bab2 tu jap.. Ni nak cte sket pasal assignment sket ni..

Actually last sunday i just attended my Recruitment & Selection test at UiTM... Honestly i was struggle in my study n do revision almost every single day. Then at the day i can answer all of question but i am not confident that i can achieve higher marks... Just leave it to Illahi utk menentukan, yg penting dah usaha... Bile dah usaha, kena sentiasa berdoa dan tak lupe tawakal pd-Nya. Mudah2an lah result nye tak seteruk mane...At least nnt dpt la catch up masa final...

Ni satu lagi ceritera ni pasal assignment HRD... Tengah pening gak pk ni, bukan ape i'd choose my own question and its about E-Learning... Just need to explain about the obstacle & effectiveness of E-Learning in 2500 words.. The submission date should be 21 September... Yeah, after Eid... I just aim to finish it before Eid because during 1st week of Hari Raya I've a lot things to do... at the same time my sister in law will get married... So as SIL i should to do something for her right? May be put some inai at her finger, and u know what before puasa hari tu iza dah berjaya membalut hampir 50 hadiah utk cabutan bertuah...

Pergh! Mencabar gak sbb Iza ni bukan suke wrapping biasa2 je, mesti nak ade bunga2 sket la.. Kipas2 sane sini la.. Mcm2 la... Tp have fun gak sbnrnye... Dah lame tak berkreatif2 ni... Hi3... Okey lets say about my assignment.. Actually a part of an introduction quite done. Now i need to focus on what the factors of obstacle & effectiveness of E-learning... Yeah, may be some could say just refers to the internet or some reference book rite? Its true but i need to do my own.. May be just refer2 tu boleh la, tp takkan nak copy all that kind of information rite? Tu bukan assignment namenye...

This picture above non-related 'bout my assignment tp saje gatal2 nak letak... Actually besh gak learn bout HRD ni tau... Tau mcm mane nak recognize employees & employers... He3... Hopefully i can apply what i had learn in future.. May be as a HR Manager... Ha3... What a dream... Insya'Allah, if i can set my own objective i will achieve my goal's.. Okey, till here right now.. see u guys soon okeh.. Selamat menjalani ibadah puasa dan selamat menunaikan solat terawih.. salam alaik.. Ma'asalamah..:)


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