Thursday, 1 July 2010

Struggle For My Degree

Salam alaik to all my blog readers... Hope everyone fine & better than before (Insya'Allah). Actually this July I will cont. my semester in degree, starting 12th July... I know its too heavy for me to face it... Yeah, u know just rushing to class (UiTM) after working... Putrajaya to Shah Alam, Shah Alam to Putrajaya for almost single day in a week... More classess more energy, money, time to use... But no gain no pain right?? But I hope everything will be okay n May Allah grant my hope & pray... What I need for this moment just concentrate n get focus for my study... A lot of thanks to my family, my beloved husband, my laws coz always support me. I wish to complete my first degree on 2012... See u later okay :) because right now i'm too busy.

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